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Saw panto tonite with group of 22. Brill nite; lots of fun was had by all ages. one of my fav's so far and i've been going for years. well done all involved Congratulations to all involved! Cracking show! Nick Thompson and Graham Lloyd you should be very proud! Congratulations to all the cast and crew of the Centre Theatre Players Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs panto. I hear my father-in-law was part of the cast last night!! He enjoyed it lots!! Well done guys xx My family and I had a lovely time this afternoon watching Snow White. Many congrats to everyone involved and we're really looking forward to 'The Wind in the Willows' in April! What an outstanding show by The Centre Theatre Players yet again. We could watch it all again. We haven't laughed so much in ages. Great family fun. We will be booking early again next year! Can't wait!! Probably the best panto I have seen in many years! My family absolutely loved it and the children loved the little dwarfs and - of course - the Minon! A really spectacular show … the beginning sequence frightened my little ones to death … but they were absolutely enthralled for the whole performance and hardly moved from their seats! From an adults point of view, the acting, comedy and singing were first class, and the whole show was so bright and colourful! Thank you all for a fantastic family night out!


I think it’s my favourite show that the Centre Players have ever done and I know that’s a big statement, but I believe it to be true! Well done guys on another fabulous show!’ Well done to everyone involved in Treasure Island, you did a fantastic job and had us chuckling all the way through! You all had so much energy and looked like you were having so much fun up there. A great show ! Amazing show. You are all so talented. I am probably going to be singing the songs for weeks! Well done guys. Amazing show. Good luck with the rest of the run! Really enjoyed it! Not sure how long I am going to enjoy [name] continously singing be a pirate. She is singing in bed! X X Had a brilliant time watching the Centre Players in Treasure Island, a brilliant job to all involved, such a funny script (well done Dan Will Bell) and well directed (Richard Chalkley)...special mention to Nick Thompson...your leg/arm must be killing you!!! We all loved it guys!!! xx

“PUSS IN BOOTS” - Jan 2018

Fantastic panto yet again this year, Puss in Boots. Hardly stopped laughing, clapping, singing & swaying! A massive well done to my school buddy Simon & the rest of the actors & it was great to see the youngsters perform so well & with such gusto. Looking forward to the Easter show Saw Puss in Boots yesterday evening - best show I've seen for a long while. What a Panto should be. Oh, and loved the rabbit! Just been to see puss in boots. Absolutely brilliant. Once again a great show. Well done One of the best - a great family panto. Enjoyed a lovely afternoon with grand children - thank you to cast and all the many helpers behind the scenes. Looking forward to next one already!!!! Excellent performance today, I was literally crying Thank you for wonderful entertaining evening. The show was full of panto gags lovely singing and a happy cast. My family thoroughly enjoyed the show. Thank you. Can't wait for the next one. Went to see Puss in Boots last night - what a fantastic evening of entertainment. I wont spoil it for those who have yet to see the panto, but safe in the knowledge that you are in for a real treat. The acting, dancing, singing, jokes, music - everything was great. Opening night is always a bit nerve racking but you would never have known and the audience were right "behind you" Excellent performance of Puss in Boots tonight, well done everyone

“WIZARD OF OZ” - Jan 2017

Please don't take this as a criticism of the cast- they were excellent. However in most peoples opinion the prerequisites of a pantomime are;- 1) A man dressed as a woman. 2) A woman dressed as a man. 3) Double entendre's 4) Risque jokes that the adults understand but which go over the heads of the children. 5) Most importantly, interaction between the cast and the audience. Sadly this production failed to meet any of the above criteria and so made for a dreary evening. Perhaps it should have been advertised as a musical rather than a pantomime. Ps The dancing skeletons were excellent. [We have responded to these comments … Thank you for your email regarding The Wizard of Oz and I appreciate your comments. I must just say that as far as the Centre Players are concerned we did actually print on our publicity posters/flyers etc that this is a classic Fairy Tale, no mention of Pantomime. However - I do recall seeing the word ‘Panto’ appearing in the One Leisure advertising which maybe is where the confusion has arisen. In my opinion The Wizard of Oz doesn’t lend itself to a pantomime format being such an iconic fairy tale which everyone knows. We have also had lots of comments from our audiences saying how much they had enjoyed a change from traditional show but clearly your party didn’t. However next year will be the good old PUSS IN BOOTS which truly is a traditional pantomime and will contain all the ingredients that you missed this year. Thanks for supporting The Centre Players and I hope that you will continue to do so Dick Chalkley] Third visit by the Club - and we ALL had a totally brilliant time. The show was excellent: so colourful and full of enthusiasm and humour - we will be there for Puss in Boots. The hard work that goes in to the production - music, make up back stage lighting (brilliuant bridge scene and skeleton dance) the whole kit and caboodle - very much appreciated. THANKS EVERYONE! So much effort obviously went into putting on this show, and the staging and costumes were particularly good. However, It did not feel like a panto and I did miss the Dame and the audience participation. I look forward to a return to a more traditional panto next year "Puss in Boots".

“ALADDIN” - Jan 2016

Brilliant show! Well done! Loved the innuendo’s! Enjoy the week! Opening night of Aladdin was brilliant, well done everyone. For those yet to watch it you are in for a treat. Luckily I have tickets for 2 more shows! Guys you’ve done it again! Another fantastic show. Particularly liked the music this year. Been coming every year since 1998 and you never disappoint. Well done to everyone. Old hands, new hands and of course the backroom team. Please keep it up! Have been nagged by friends to come and see one of your shows for ages and finally made it last night. Well worth the wait! Great cast, great music and dancing. Thoroughly enjoyed the whole evening! My 4 year old daughter is hoarse this morning having shouted so much during your Mummy scene. She did ask if you were all deaf! Great evening, thank you so much! Front row seats for one of the best pantos I have ever seen - and that includes professional ones. Excellent Hope Nick Thompson is OK as he seemed to throw himself around so much - loved him falling out of the washing machine. Simon Webb is an excellent baddie, and Graham Lloyd a brilliant dame … his outfits alone are worth the admisssion money. Great show - my family loved it. Can’t wait for next year! First visit - I was expecting to see a village panto - how wrong I was! My daughter is a pro dancer and appears in professional pantos - from start to finish this was as good - if not better - than a professional show. Well done Well i can think of no better way to spend a sunday afternoon than watching the brilliant Pantomime, It was by far the best one ever @ Great family entertainment for young @ old Everyone was fabulous..Well done roll on next year We loved the duck! Fantastic production. We took our grandchildren aged 4 and 6 and we all thoroughly enjoyed it and 3 hours just flew by. We will be back for another dose of fun with 2 more of our grandchildren next January How do you do it? Year after year your show is brilliant! Can’t wait for next year! Came to see the show last night, absolutely brilliant from start to finish! Something for the adults and the children alike. We always enjoy your pantomimes but this year there was even more enjoyment from all cast on the stage...the chorus and dance movement was absolutely fantastic! A job well done by all! Well done! I don’t know how you manage to cram every element of the traditional panto and yet still add more topical and local stuff as well! Twankey said we’d be thanking her (him?) for tiring them out but our children were still bouncing on the way home, Thank you so much! Congratulation on great performance of Aladdin - look forward to the next show :) .... Saw you in Aladdin today - loved it - well done to you all xx Can’t fault your show at all. So bright and colourful, lively and funny! The exploding washing machine was VERY loud! Loved it! Our first family Panto and it was great. Thanks to all for fab show. Both my boys (3yrs and 5yrs) were transfixed. They were on the edge of their seats the whole way through so they didn't miss a second. Their favourite characters were Whishee Washee, Na-Na and Chop-Chop. We loved how local references were used as well. We'll definitely be coming again next year. Thank you for all your hard work. The Burgess Hall would like to pass on our huge thanks and gratitude to The Centre Theatre Players who yet again performed a fist class pantomime, enjoyed by a compelte sell out of over 2,800 people, thank you so much to everyone involved for the hard work and commitment, very much appreciated! Another great show - Thank you all! Simon Webb (St Ives’ own Alan Rickman!) was once again a wonderful villain and well matched by Nick, Graham and the ensemble! Looking forward to our next outing already! Oh yes we are! Thank you for another fantastic evening of entertainment in St Ives. I have been enjoying your pantomimes for more than twenty years and Aladdin was one of the best. The casting, energy, humour, popular music and local touches all contributed to a superb show> Special recognition for the dame who delivers like a pro year on year and Whishee Washee who does not seem to age although all the cast are brilliant!Looking forward to the next show already! What a great show!! I'm torn between telling my friends and risking not getting a ticket next year, or keeping quiet and not giving you guys the recognition you deserve. In a true feedback manner, I would like to add that the fundraising merchandise (crowns and swords) was decent and reasonably priced, and there was a good choice of reasonably priced refreshments too. A well priced, well executed ('scuse the pun) production. Now, can I reserve my tickets for Wizard of Oz....? Fab show! The cast was absolutely amazing as per usual. Well done Vicky Grant for some amazing choreography (and acting as Na-Na) with your stunning dancers as well so everyone else! Can't wait for Wizard of Oz!!! Best one yet looking forward to next year!


Fantastic afternoon at Sleeping Beauty yesterday. I brought my children (aged 7 and 3) and they both loved it. I have never seen my 3 year old sit so still and attentively for so long. Everyone involved deserves a lot of credit and we will certainly be back again next year. Well done and thank you Another brilliant pantomime ... great fun from end to end. Fantastic performances from Graham Lloyd, Nick Thompson, Vicky Grant and Simon Webb, but everybody contributed so well Great show - this was my first ever visit to a Centre Players panto - if this is the standard you set - it certainly won’t be my last! We took our 4 year old to watch Sleeping Beauty this afternoon, it was his first panto trip and he loved it, another really good performance.:) Bravo - thoroughly enjoyed this afternoons performance as did my children who did everything they could to join in!! Keep up the good work x Had a wonderful time at today's sleeping beauty. Great as always. Well done x

“MOTHER GOOSE” - Jan 2014

Fab afternoon had by all, a fantastic performance, well done everyone and see you at Sleeping Beauty Yet again THE CENTRE THEATRE PLAYERS have treated us to an amazing production. Well done to everyone. It was a fabulous evening. Looking forward to the next one already Thank you so very much for a wonderful evening last night (12/01/2014). It was our first panto for 35 years and my 4 year olds first ever and we were blown away with the fantastic level of dance and song and humour. thoroughly enjoyed the performance of Billy and Mother Goose. Well done to all though, a memorable evening. Fabulous! Thank you for another evening of brilliance, fun and laughter. As always excellent casting and energy particularly the hilarious Graham Lloyd and his great support in Nick Thomson, Oliver Scott and Michael Burke. We really appreciate the hard work that everyone puts in to creating a show of this high standard. Congratulations to you all Thanks for a fantastic show tonight, we all really enjoyed it and can't wait for next years! Haven't been to panto since my parents stopped talking me. Took my 4yr old son tonight for his first and it was absolutely brilliant. Didn't really know what to expect, but it was first class and looking forward to bringing my son along for many a year now. Thanks Show was fantastic and we really enjoyed it as we did last year. However the show is very long, especially for children . The children, aged 4 and 8, both loved the show but struggled particularly to get through the first half. I think an hour each half really is long enough. I have some friends who are looking for shorter pantos next year, which is such a shame as yours really is the best in the area! However we will be back next year and are already looking forward to it! Thanks for a great evening! What an absolute delight this performance was. Well done to every single person involved. This was my birthday treat and I enjoyed every minute of it. The costumes, lighting, music and of course all the actors, actresses, dancers and musicians were all of such a high standard and you all deserve to be very proud of a job well done. Thank you. I look forward to next year already Brilliant show - my mum and I loved it! Will be back next year. Thank you all :) A great show tonight. Congratulations Dick and well done to all the cast Fabulous performance from Graham Lloyd (Mother Goose). I will going again to see these shows. Well worth the money and looking forward to seeing “Boogie Nights” next in May I went this evening it was brilliant Brilliant show you've all worked so hard well done Great panto once again ... yes it was! Fantastic show! Great energy from the first minute to the very last! Brilliant funny performances from Nick Thompson and Graham Lloyd but everyone was really good! Looking forward to next years Panto! Great panto had a really good night out - brilliant cast, shows how hard work really pays especially when they also have full time jobs and school - just fab



“BOUNCERS” - May 2013

Just got home after seeing "bouncers". It was different to what I expected, however I really enjoyed it.i thought it was very clever how they played all the characters and swapped from one character to another. Very enjoyable, funny yet also sad and poignant in places. Well done. Will definitely book to see something by them in the future



“PETER PAN” - Jan 2013

The best show yet by far ! We loved the music, the staging, the fact you had children in it, it seemed more "rounded" by having more characters in rather than just the goodie, the badie and the dame. Can't wait ‘til next years ! The production was very well done, and very professional, so well done to all involved Thank you so much for yet another another fabulous pantomine and evening of brilliant entertainment and total hilarity! The Players certainly relieve any post Christmas blues! Excellent casting as ever plus even more audience participation this year which really worked. Well done to the entire cast and crew. I know you give up a lot of your time to put on such an excellent production. Hopefully you can have a well deserved break before you launch into your next show. Looking forward to it already! I went with my dad and we had a great time!! I am 12 years old but I thought you all did a wonderful job of it! Special mention to Michael Burke for directing such an amazing family panto! I cant wait to see what next years pantomine will be!! Went to the Peter Pan panto last night (Friday) and it was great. Loved the script, 'dodgy' Indian Dame, Captain Hook in fact I can not find anything bad to say about any of the cast they all interacted with the audience well. Well done to all on stage and backstage for an enjoyable night. This was the first production I had seen by the Centre players but it won’t be the last. Fabulous show you should be very proud. As good if not equal to the west end. Characters cast to perfection Absolutely superb show - acting, production, stage backdrops, music, dance all had us (and three kids age 5-7) completely spell-bound. We now believe in magic and are thoroughly cheered up! Now we know why these book out so early! OMG! I got invited along by 2 girls I teach. I brought my son with me , 7 year old Jonathan, and we were enthralled! The scenery, the technical gadgets, the singing, the dancing, the script, the professionalism and most of all the HUMOUROUS delivery! Huge congratulations to you all! You should tour an excerpt of your plays to the local secondary schools! A great show enjoyed by all of us .The leading players were superb. Simon made a great villain as usual,as were Nick,Carol and Graham and all the cast but Nana must have been difficult it must have been hot in that suit.Well done



“RUN FOR YOUR WIFE” - May 2012

What a brilliant performance of Run for your Wife on Friday 18 May.The actors were all excellent.Thanks for a great night out, didn't stop laughing. Look forward to the next show ___________________________________________________________________ _

“CINDERELLA” - January 2012

This is the 18th pantomime that I have seen you perform. I bring my residents every year. Once again a fabulous show, we all enjoyed it enormously. I would like to know how Michael walked in those shoes! The ugly sisters were brilliant as were Gawd and Benett, as were all the cast .Well done - already looking forward to next year. Thank you !!!! Went to see Cinderella last night - we have never been to the St Ives' panto before, but it was the best show we have seen in years, including 'profesional' pantos at Peterborough and Cambridge. Absolutely excellent entertainment - from the cast down to the lighting and music - everybody was perfect and so obviously enjoying themselves - and it clearly spread to the audience!! You should be giving lessons to some of these so-called 'celebrities'who perform 'star' roles each year at the bigger theatres. Looking forward already to next year's show. Very well done to everybody concerned. Many thanks for the excellent production of' 'Cinderella', enjoyed every minute.If this is Am-dram we want more. Thanks What a fabulous show! We've been coming to see your Pantos for years and you rarely let us down! Brilliant from start to finish. Have to say the performances of Whitney and Britney, and Gawd and Bennett were excellent. Well done - can't wait to see next years show now! Took my 3 daughters to see Cinderella last night and we all absolutely loved it! Well done, what a fantastic show. Britney, daahhling you were fabulous! We loved the show :-) We came to see Cinderella last night (Wednesday). Its a while since I cried laughing but the bit with the lovely ladies in the tennis outfits was absolutely hilarious!! Loved the Panto, a real traditional, cheesey, bad jokes, dodgy looking women, principal boy, rib tickling spectacular show.  Pantotastic !!!  Will be there next year - can't hardly wait!! What a show!I have seen over 20 of these pantos and this was certainly one of the best. There was just something about it that was even better than usual; very tight, professional performances from everyone, but especially the main characters, all cast so perfectly. The long scene in the Hall which introduced the Private Investgators, the ugly sisters etc, the inter-play between all these characters was brilliant both in performance, timing, and humour. I was nearly in tears on several occasions. Just superb performances, everyone keeping in character all the time, as Peter Sawford always used to be over the years! Also, there was far less 'filler' which kept it to almost suitable length, but also made it better by having less. The band sounded great, though, as ever, most of the sound came from the pit rather than central, but that didn't detract from the enjoyment.The scenery and costumes were also perfect. Can't get better than that! Thank you for another fabulous pantomime. We thoroughly enjoyed watching Cinderella this week.The performance surpassed your already high standards, was cast brilliantly and absolutely hilarious Special mention of the excellent pairing of the ugly sisters who entertained us superbly but well done to the entire cast and crew. We are already looking forward to the next show! I think that Cinderella is by far the best panto that has been done by the Centre Players, if I can pick out any characters that stood out were the two ugly sisters and Gord & Bennett, so keep up the good work and thank you for a giving my family a very entertaining evening We went to see the panto on Tuesday night- Brilliant! As an adult I always look forward to your panto and have never been disappointed,this year was even better than last.Even our stroppy teenage daughter managed to crack a smile.I can't wait to see all the familiar faces in the next production.GREAT ENTERTAINMENT Thanks so much for the performance of Cinderella on Friday night. We haven't laughed (or cried through laughing so hard) for years, not even in your last few pantos, which we think are some of the most enjoyable shows we've ever been to.Lots of brilliant moments but the best was in the haunted room when Gawed and Bennet were listening to Buttons telling the tale of the headless ghost. Or was it the determined look on Michael Burke's face and his elegant outfit as the ugly sisters stormed the stage in full tennis regalia? These rival our favourite moment of the past four shows (Oliver Scott again as Dopey with the pneumatic drill).We also enjoyed the songs, music, dancing and the performances from all the main characters - in short a fantastic show, thanks again. We went to your pantomine for the 1st time last year and it was brilliant.Quick, funny and very entertaining. We therefore had high expectations for this years production and recommended it to other familes. But unfortunately it was a bit of a let down.The first half was too long and felt a bit disjointed and there wan't enough laugh out loud moments. There also seemed to be some problems with the sound when a lot of the cast were singing and were getting drowned out by the music.On a positive note there were some strong performances. Notably from Prince Charming who should have had an even bigger part.Gord and the 2 ugly sisters.We will however be coming to watch you again as you were all so good last year. Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant Panto!! Love it each year and this years was no exception. Some really funny moments and i am still laughing out loud at the tennis girls tucking their balls in their knickers!!!! Even when the scenery collapsed on the saturday afternoon show, the ad-libbing was amazing...some very talented actors amongst you all!!!! WELL DONE EVERYBODY XX. Absolutely brilliant panto again. Really looked forward to seeing it after watching Beauty and the Beast. It didn't disappoint!!!! We laughed til we cried.... Once again a fantastic panto. Good to see Graham Lloyd back as one of the Ugly Sisters. Looking forward to the production in May. Brilliant pantomime - I saw it with 9 other members of my family last night. We thought the scenery and costumes were great as well.Great cast and well done to the Director and all behind scenes people as well.Can't wait for Peter Pan!Just one thing - why is last year's panto featured under current show on your website and not this years? Had the pleasure of watching Cinderella this afternoon... it was great! Have been to the pantos for many years and this was one of the best. Really strong cast... all playing roles best suited to their many talents (although I missed Carol Houghton being in a larger part... she was great as the fairy godmother, but always love seeing her and would have liked to see her more!). Loved the ugly sisters... the primate defectives... Buttons... Prince Charming...Cinders and all!It was the Sunday matinee performance so I felt that the audience did not participate strongly ... so will be booking Friday or Saturday night for next year now that my son is old enough! Thanks... as always for the hard work you all put into these productions. Just to say that as always we thought this year’s pantomime was excellent. So many excellent actors and singers. Been coming for many years,long after the children have grown up! Great to see Graham Lloyd back. He is just brilliant. My husband and I came to the pantomine on Wednesday 11th Jan. It was obsolutely fantastic.Well done everyone - it was very professionally performed. Everything else connected to the peformance - i.e. scenery, costumes,publicity, front of house etc was very professional as well. There is only one item that we could fault, and that was the keyboard musician.She played it far too loud, we had great difficulty in hearing the actors on the stage.They also found it hard work as they were inclined to shout.The musicians,as a group, were fantastic. It was just the keyboard, being played too loud. Keep up the good work and we look forward to your next performance.We try and come to them all. Loved the show - absolutely fantastic and brilliant performances from all concerend. Our only criticism is that our seats were too close to the band who played very loudly in places and we couldn't hear the singers on stage. That won't stop us from coming to your next show - we'll have to get our tickets earlier and get seats away from the band Firstly - let me say that I have been coming to your shows for many years and my family absolutely love them and Cinderella was no exception. However - I must add my only criticism (which appears in a number of the comments I have seen) is over the sound levels of the band and the performers. Sometimes the band is too loud - and sometimes the actors appear to shout because their microphones are not working? That aside - your shows are always excellent, Keep up the good work

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