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A new stage adaptation of this classic with all the charm and joy of the original infused with some contemporary, fun and highly theatrical touches! All of the action takes place in Toad Hall, which has long since been deserted, furniture covered in sheets, and is now being sold by the Chief Weasel, disguised as an estate agent. The performers are both actors and storytellers as they tell the story of the famous riverside friends, Toad, Mole, Rat and Badger and act out the scenes – with attitude. The rest of the ensemble cast double, treble and quadruple up in some cases playing all of the other larger than life characters, horse, judge, gaoler’s daughter, washerwoman, bargee etc. At the beginning of the play as the Chief Weasel tries to sell Toad Hall, a burrowing sound is heard and from under the sheets the heads of the central characters begin to pop up as if awaking from a long hibernation. They tell their story using the furniture around them so that a wardrobe for instance becomes a boat, and other pieces turn into a gypsy caravan etc. The performers use these and props around them (think Woman in Black or The 39 Steps) to bring the scenes to life. Sound and lighting will be an important part of the action, and film projection if we can use it.

Your chance to take part in one of our award winning productions!!

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Mole: underground burrower, short sighted, shy, grows in confidence during the life of the play, encouraged by Ratty, he becomes brave and his natural cleverness shines through. Humble, loyal and polite. Tactile, hands are important to feel things he can’t see well. Ratty: Kind, sociable, a gentleman, probably a fine wine and cheese connoisseur, a ‘teacher’ who takes mole under his wing, nibbler. Smell is important for ratty. Toad: Larger than life, gregarious, juvenile, excitable, jumpy, loud, aristocrat, snooty, a force of nature, gulps. Badger: gruff exterior, but kind and benevolent interior. Cautious and wise. Chief Weasel: cunning, untrustworthy, slimey, panto baddie (all the above or open to both male and female actors) Ensemble cast to play multiple roles including weasels and rabbits – they will wear one colour trousers and top, over this they will put on a costume – a cloak, jacket, skirt, hat etc - depending on their character – weasels biker jackets – rabbits, furry bottoms and easter bonnets with long ears; and others as follows Horse; Otter; Portly (young otter); Hedgehog; Judge; Clerk; Gaoler’s Daughter; Washerwoman; Guard; Driver; Bargee. Casting will be by audition – 22/23 Jan (19:45-21:45). Audition pieces will be issued. Please indicate which character you would like to audition for and if you would also like to be considered for the ensemble. Do some research around the animals – what are their traits ? How can you reflect these through performance? For the production we need performers with commitment and energy as you may be on stage for a lot of the play!I